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Stepeasy Pet Stairs

Stepeasy Pet Stairs

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Introducing our "Stepeasy Pet Stairs" – your furry friend's own red carpet to the heights of comfort, because let's face it, couches and chairs are way too high for tiny paws to conquer; it's like a VIP entrance to the lap of luxury!

Gone are the days of perplexed looks and half-hearted jumps that result in belly flops. These soft, non-slip stairs are your pet's elegant solution, turning "mission impossible" into a breezy stroll. Whether your furball is a wise senior, a convalescing patient, or simply more of a low-jump enthusiast, these stairs are their golden ticket.

Safety and style are the name of the game – no more hilarious wobbles or heart-stopping leaps. Now your pet can ascend and descend like royalty, reveling in the ultimate cushioned climb. No acrobatics needed – just the comfort and convenience of "Stepeasy Pet Stairs." Your pet's high life just got a whole lot cozier!


Size: 30 cm x 35 cm x 30 cmSupports up to 40 kg
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