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The Fluffy Balloon

Quackie Glow Duck LED Lamp

Quackie Glow Duck LED Lamp

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Get ready to light up your little one's world in the most adorable way with the "Quackie Glow Duck LED Lamp"! This isn't your ordinary night light – it's a quack-tastic companion that brings comfort, charm, and a touch of whimsy to bedtime routines.

With its rechargeable battery, say goodbye to the endless hunt for spare batteries. Just like a responsible duck, it's always prepared for the next adventure. The soft, gentle LED light creates a cozy ambiance that's perfect for those nights when even monsters under the bed need their beauty sleep.

The "Quackie Glow Duck" isn't just a pretty face – it's also smart. The built-in timer ensures that your little one's dreams are lit up just long enough to drift off into a land of cuddly clouds. It's the ultimate companion for winding down and settling in for the night.

So, whether it's illuminating bedtime stories or guarding against the dark, the "Quackie Glow Duck LED Lamp" is here to shine, recharge, and quack its way into your child's heart. Make every night a duck-tastic adventure with this charming feathered friend!

Product Material: ABS+Silicone
Product Accessories: USB/Type-C Cable × 1
Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
Rated Voltage: 5 V 1 A
Rated Power: 3 W
Light Color: 2800K Warm Color Light
Use Time: About 8 hours strong light / about 34H low light
Charging Time: About 3 hours
Product Size: 124.5 mm × 76.5 mm × 110 mm

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