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The Fluffy Balloon

Pet Floating Bowl

Pet Floating Bowl

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Introducing the "Pet Floating Bowl" – your furry friend's ticket to a classy drinking experience without the soggy muzzles or splashy shenanigans; it's like sipping by the poolside, minus the swimsuit!

No more wet whiskers or that perplexed "why is my chin wet?" look from your fur baby. This bowl's got your pet's back, ensuring their comfort and cleanliness while they quench their thirst. And don't worry about waterfalls overflowing – our waterproof frame and floating plate duo are here to keep things neat and tidy, so your pet's water time is splash-free and stress-free.

But wait, there's more! The automatic adjustment floating plate isn't just cool tech – it's like the ultimate hydration coach for your pet. It slows down their sips, preventing gulps that lead to those regretful post-drink hiccups. No choking, no overindulgence, just healthier and happier sips.

So let your pet sip, slurp, and savor their hydration journey with the "Pet Floating Bowl." It's the bowl that brings elegance to every lap, without the messy aftermath. Splash down in style!


Type A size: 225 mm x 185 mm x 78 mm capacity: 1.5 l with bottom non-skid pad
Type B size: 190 mm x 181 mm x 80 mm capacity: 1 l without bottom non-skid pad
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