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Hoopet Multifunction Pet Bottle

Hoopet Multifunction Pet Bottle

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Presenting the "Hoopet Multifunction Pet Bottle" – your pet's trusty travel sidekick that's got hydration and snacks covered in one sleek package, because every wanderer deserves a stylish sip and a tasty nibble on the go; it's like a refreshment retreat and a gourmet getaway rolled into one!

Gone are the days of wrestling with water bottles and juggling snacks in plastic bags. With this genius bottle, a simple button press transforms water transfer into an elegant affair, sparing your pet the slobbery spills. Whether your furry explorer is a water connoisseur or a dainty sipper, they'll lap up the luxury.

And hold onto your treat-loving hats – the bottle's nifty secret is a food bowl hidden at the bottom. It's like a culinary surprise that unveils itself when hunger calls, keeping your pet's munchies secure and ready to roll.

So whether your pet's a foodie with wanderlust or a hydration enthusiast with a taste for the finer things, the "Hoopet Multifunction Pet Bottle" is their ticket to on-the-go delight. It's the must-have companion for any furry jetsetter, making every adventure a delicious and refreshing escapade!

Product Specifications

Capacity of water bottle + food bowl: 258 ml + 200 g
Capacity of water bottle: 400 ml
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