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The Fluffy Balloon

Dog Treasure Box Toy

Dog Treasure Box Toy

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Elevate your furry friend's IQ with our Dog Treasure Box Toy! This intermediate-level dog puzzle is like a brain gym for your canine companion. Watch as your dog's problem-solving skills flourish while they embark on a mission to uncover hidden treats or food.

Cleaning up after playtime is a walk in the park thanks to the toy's easy-to-clean design. Whether your pet prefers dry kibble or indulges in wet food, this treasure box can hold it all, adding a delightful twist to mealtime. Keep your pet's mind engaged and their tail wagging with this captivating and treat-filled game.

With our Dog Treasure Box Toy, you'll have a genius pup in the making, and a cleaner house to boot!


Material: ABS
Effect: Puzzle and Slow Food
Suitable for: All dog breeds

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