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BreezeLounge Pet Hammock

BreezeLounge Pet Hammock

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Say hello to the "BreezeLounge Pet Hammock" – the purr-fect blend of chill and thrill for your feline royalty, giving them the elevated VIP treatment they deserve without the hassle of royal decrees; it's like a five-star resort, but for your furball!

No more ground-level woes or accidental moisture encounters – this hammock is the pinnacle of kitty comfort. With two steel feet that hoist it a smidge above the ground, your cat can luxuriate in the lap of coolness. And let's talk about that breeze-friendly mesh that's as refreshing as a catnap on a summer day.

Cleaning? That's as breezy as the hammock itself! The detachable and washable cushion makes maintaining the royal resting spot as easy as chasing laser dots.

So whether your cat's a lounge lizard or a highness in search of the perfect perch, the "BreezeLounge Pet Hammock" is their regal haven. It's a lounging paradise with a touch of swank – because when it comes to your pet's comfort, we elevate the game, one comfy hammock at a time!


Material: Polyester fiber, reinforced nylon material, thick steel pipe
Weight: 1 kg
Size: 43 cm x 43 cm 24 cm / 16.93 in x 16.93 in 9.45i n
Colors: Pink/Gray
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